Thursday, 20 October 2011

4. Love Lettuce - Lush Face Mask

Ahoy! So now we get to the face mask called Love Lettuce by Lush. I wanted to buy this product but they ran out of it in the store so the lady was kind enough to scoop a generous amount for me. One thing that I loved about this product initially was the smell... It wasn't nauseating or harsh which I find influence the selling point for me. 

 Would ya look at that eh? Green like lettuce. The consistency is quite nice as well, with only very fine grains. All you have to do with this mask is leave it on your face for 5 - 10 min and then wash it off. When I started to wash it off I tried to rub the mask into my skin to exfoliate more.  

It left my skin feeling soft and fresh. I was pretty impressed. Before I got this product I started getting buildup on my forehead. I blame it on the humidity in my apartment... regardless what ever the case may be this stuff sucked the life out of those whiteheads and left my face smooth. 
This product goes for £ 5.50 / 75 g in England and $6.95 / 60g in Canada/America. (You'd expect the bigger sizes in North America) This product definitely did the trick and I would rate this a 5 / 5 would definitely buy this.

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