Wednesday, 12 October 2011

3. Lush Sugar Scrub - Exfoliator

The lady that was helping me recommended this product to me. The selling point : helps reduce cellulite. Almost every woman has it these days, even the skinny ones. So I decided to go for it. The product itself doesn't look like much... just a green half sphere that is made out of sugar. 

With Lush products I find that you have to go through a trial and error process to figure out the best way to work the product. Initially with this one, I took it and dipped it straight into water and used it directly on my skin. It worked for a bit, but then it started melting away in the palm of my hand. It would have been wiser if I just cut a piece of... I ended up leaving it over night so it could dry out. Anyway... The product is pretty rough ... exactly what you would expect from an exfoliator... or should I say exfoliant? Either way you get the point. 

When it comes off you just have to rub it in. Apparently some of the ingredients in this product are supposed to help target unwanted cellulite. If this really did work it would be all over the press, but I'm going to be hopeful and see how this goes for me.
Overall I would rate this product 3 / 5 .. It was pretty average ... nothing special.
The smell was a bit cheap and harsh, but as an over all exfoliator it was good. 
The price was £ 2.65 / 100g  and it is $ 5.95 / 3.5 oz which again I think it marked up pretty high again. 

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