Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Moving in and moving out

So I've decided to keep track of my life from now on at least for my sake... Today I've been sat studying in a bedroom full of things. My boyfriend and I have decided to move down to London, but, firstly move into his parents place for a few days before. Here you see is our whole life in a room. The funny thing is that the space will be not much bigger. Regardless it's very exciting... One week to go!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dolce & Gabbana 11/12 Autumn - Winter Shoes

Yesterday I went on a nice adventure to London with my parents. They were down for the week visiting me and I thought it would only be appropriate to take them there. It was a very touristy trip where we managed to see most of the sights; Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the parliament ... you get the gist. My mother being a bit of a fashionista she was eager to step foot in Harrods. 

Harrods is amazing. Always looking great inside, however, when I walked into the shoe department I had to stop and mouth "Whattt the Fu...."

Right now you're probably thinking... What amazing shoe have you stumbled upon ... or was there some sort of crazy display for the shoes.... Let me ease your mind ... it was nothing of the above only the most hideous shoes I have ever seen. 

These are them. I'm not sure if Dolce and Gabbana have hired pre-teens or have lost their creativity and decided to borrow some ideas from your local Hot Topic.... What ever the case may be ... they are absolutely wretched. The part that really boggles my mind about them is that they would use this pattern on all three styles; stiletto, round-toe, and flat. And these styles are very simple... what I mean is that you could see no difference from any Aldo heels. I'm sure you can see my distaste with this so called designer brand but one more contributing factor is the price ... ranging from £ 315 - £ 445 

I hope Im not the only one that shares these views... but if I am ... there is a matching belt for £ 265 if you are interested. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

4. Love Lettuce - Lush Face Mask

Ahoy! So now we get to the face mask called Love Lettuce by Lush. I wanted to buy this product but they ran out of it in the store so the lady was kind enough to scoop a generous amount for me. One thing that I loved about this product initially was the smell... It wasn't nauseating or harsh which I find influence the selling point for me. 

 Would ya look at that eh? Green like lettuce. The consistency is quite nice as well, with only very fine grains. All you have to do with this mask is leave it on your face for 5 - 10 min and then wash it off. When I started to wash it off I tried to rub the mask into my skin to exfoliate more.  

It left my skin feeling soft and fresh. I was pretty impressed. Before I got this product I started getting buildup on my forehead. I blame it on the humidity in my apartment... regardless what ever the case may be this stuff sucked the life out of those whiteheads and left my face smooth. 
This product goes for £ 5.50 / 75 g in England and $6.95 / 60g in Canada/America. (You'd expect the bigger sizes in North America) This product definitely did the trick and I would rate this a 5 / 5 would definitely buy this.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

3. Lush Sugar Scrub - Exfoliator

The lady that was helping me recommended this product to me. The selling point : helps reduce cellulite. Almost every woman has it these days, even the skinny ones. So I decided to go for it. The product itself doesn't look like much... just a green half sphere that is made out of sugar. 

With Lush products I find that you have to go through a trial and error process to figure out the best way to work the product. Initially with this one, I took it and dipped it straight into water and used it directly on my skin. It worked for a bit, but then it started melting away in the palm of my hand. It would have been wiser if I just cut a piece of... I ended up leaving it over night so it could dry out. Anyway... The product is pretty rough ... exactly what you would expect from an exfoliator... or should I say exfoliant? Either way you get the point. 

When it comes off you just have to rub it in. Apparently some of the ingredients in this product are supposed to help target unwanted cellulite. If this really did work it would be all over the press, but I'm going to be hopeful and see how this goes for me.
Overall I would rate this product 3 / 5 .. It was pretty average ... nothing special.
The smell was a bit cheap and harsh, but as an over all exfoliator it was good. 
The price was £ 2.65 / 100g  and it is $ 5.95 / 3.5 oz which again I think it marked up pretty high again. 

1. Lush Floating Island - Luxury Bath Melt

This product was the first thing that I had my eye on when I walked into the shop. I'm obsessed with the smell of sandalwood and this product had just the right amount of it. Out of all the luxury bath melts this one was the least appealing visually.  

Yes... that is it. On the instructions it directs you to melt it in hot water and then add cold afterward to adjust it to your desired temperature. I ended up chucking in a bit of this melt and not much happened. I just ended up crumbling it with a knife before I put it in again and it worked much better. 

Afterward I took it between my fingers and just rubbed them together to break the pieces apart a little more. 

It all dissolved nicely for me. The smell was amazing... I find certain Lush products can smell cheap, however, not in this case; super clean and fresh. It did leave my skin feeling soft as well. And, it wasn't too foamy which is nice, but that might not be for everyone.

The product cost £ 3.60 / 100g which is about 3.5 oz at home its $7.95 which is quite the mark up. For what I paid for the product I think it is a good value but only once in a while. I would rate this product 4.2 / 5 only because it is a little messy and inconvenient.