Wednesday, 12 October 2011

1. Lush Floating Island - Luxury Bath Melt

This product was the first thing that I had my eye on when I walked into the shop. I'm obsessed with the smell of sandalwood and this product had just the right amount of it. Out of all the luxury bath melts this one was the least appealing visually.  

Yes... that is it. On the instructions it directs you to melt it in hot water and then add cold afterward to adjust it to your desired temperature. I ended up chucking in a bit of this melt and not much happened. I just ended up crumbling it with a knife before I put it in again and it worked much better. 

Afterward I took it between my fingers and just rubbed them together to break the pieces apart a little more. 

It all dissolved nicely for me. The smell was amazing... I find certain Lush products can smell cheap, however, not in this case; super clean and fresh. It did leave my skin feeling soft as well. And, it wasn't too foamy which is nice, but that might not be for everyone.

The product cost £ 3.60 / 100g which is about 3.5 oz at home its $7.95 which is quite the mark up. For what I paid for the product I think it is a good value but only once in a while. I would rate this product 4.2 / 5 only because it is a little messy and inconvenient. 


  1. really ehlpful review as i am going to lush for the very first time tomorrow! love the pictures, they really add to the reiew and show me exactly what i need to see.
    look forward to reading more of your reviews