Wednesday, 5 October 2011

CreamPuff - Collection 2000

The  product CreamPuff by Collection 2000 has been out for a couple of months now. It seems as if this product is following me, anywhere I'd go it be advertised. I would open magazines and it would be right there... "highly recommended" or "celebs favourite". I'm not really into buying really cheap products because they tend to go to waste. However, this time I just bought it hoping to prove myself wrong. 

I gotta give it to Collection 2000, their packaging was pretty appealing. It resembled a Mac Plushglass with the matted top. The colour I purchased was Cotton Candy, and let me tell you that was probably the most attractive out of all four. There were two nudes and the other was, your mothers old coral coloured lipstick. Anyway, it claims to be a moisturizing lip cream that is velvety soft with a matte finish. 

Continuing on, the consistency is very "mousse-y". I would compare it to the Dream Matte Mouse Foundation by Maybelline. I was not a fan of the texture on my lips. 

To my surprise... The colour wasn't that bad. I think it actually looked nice on the lips. A little dramatic but soft and subtle. It did have a matte finish but it wasn't dry. But here comes the down fall... I sat with it on for about two minutes and the CreamPuff started to dry even more. 

Whoa... That looks completely different and my lips look about 10 years older. But on the bright side it made my teeth look pretty darn white. This wasn't really what I was expecting from this product and I can't really say I'm surprised. This look may appeal to some people but it really didn't do it for me. 

I got the CreamPuff at Boots for £2.99 which is pretty cheap.
Over all I would rate this product a 2.5/ 5
The colour was nice and the packaging was well made but that was about it!

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