Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tarte - Smooth Operator (Illuminating Serum)

Any time I pick up this tube all I want to do is break out in song and jive a little. But I don't because that would be just plain weird. Any-who, Tarte cosmetics are like Mother Teresa to our skin, just plain good. Tarte is well known for being eco-friendly, cruelty-free and having  vegan cosmetic line. Their product Smooth Operator is an Illuminating Serum, also known as a highlighter for the face. 

When I first opened it the "serum" looked like foundation. It wasn't really shiny and it looked a bit pale. When I put it on my skin it also felt a bit heavy like foundation and the colour came off as a light sand, which was lighter than my skin tone. Initially, not very pleased... But I gave it a minute and its as if the serum soaked into my skin and left this healthy glow. 

As you can tell I may have over done it a little but you get the point. As a highlighter it definitely does the trick. It doesn't get dewy or clammy throughout the day which is nice and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and health. You can used this under makeup as a primer even. One thing that I found was it was rough around the eye. I tried using it lighten up my dark circles, but it stung far too much. That may be only my skin though. 

Over all I'd rate this a 4.5 /5
Looking online this product is kind of pricey at $32 but I purchased mine as a kit from Sephora, for a little more and it came with a few other goodies.

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